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With William Finck and Sven Longshanks

An introduction to Christian Identity – what it is and why we follow it.


It is the only logical explanation for the way things are –  our ancestors were not idiots – they would not accept a foreign religion and would not bow to Rome’s foreign gods

It unites Old Testament with New and proves it to be true

The secular record confirms it – historians, monuments, heraldry

Our languages confirm it – place names, words, alphabets

Physical descriptions in the Bible confirm it – Adamites are described as fair, ruddy, blue eyed, Blonde haired etc

Only Whites could have come up with it – it is altruistic, moral and transcendental

It identifies the enemy – Jews, mongrels and beasts

It can only be about us – God’s promise to Abraham, kings, nations and the commonwealth

It is hoped this podcast will be useful for people new to these concepts.

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